If you’re looking for a way to continue your brand recognition and exposure once the deal is done, look no further than a promotional keyring or personalised keyring with custom brand logos and messaging.

If you’re in the car sales or real estate industries you will be aware of how effective the handover package is in creating brand loyalty as the new owner takes their keys to a new home or car. What better way than to have your custom branded promotional keyring already attached to that key. every time the key is used from then on, the new owner will be acknowledging your brand, keeping you in the forefront of their mind not only for the next time they are looking to purchase but to also recommend to friends and family who may be looking.

As a car dealership, you can increase your brand awareness by having a promotional keyring or personalised keyring with custom message that includes not only the car manufacturers logo but also your dealership address and phone number to ensure your dealership retains the future business.

As a real estate agent, ensure the purchaser always returns to your franchise by including your address and phone number along with custom branded logo on the keyring.

A promotional keyring or personalised keyring is a simple and cost effective tool that goes a long way in maintaining and increasing your brand exposure.

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