Promotional Keyrings offer unparalleled effectiveness when it comes to promoting your business. If you are creating a strategy for promoting your business, include keyrings at the top of your list. Whether your business is large or small keyrings can be a very effective tool to increase your brand recognition.

Often businesses will perform letter/flyer drops with promotions such as discounts etc which almost never get read by the home owner, often disregarded into the bin before being read. A low cost alternative is a simple keyring with your custom branding or a personalised keyring with custom message. When home owners see something such as a keyring in their mailbox, they’re not only more inclined to look at it, but the functionality enables them to use it on a daily basis.

It is clear from this scenario that a promotional keyring or personalised keyring has far greater brand exposure than cost comparative alternatives. As people use their keys everyday, whether in the car or to enter the house, every time they look at their keys they are reminded of your brand.

To increase the likelihood of someone using your promotional keyring or personalised keyring on a daily basis, include an added function such as a bottle opener keyring or flashlight keyring.

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