More effective than a business card, hand out a promotional keyring or personalised keyring with your business logo, details and message if you want clients to recognise your brand over your competitors.

As a large or small business everybody is looking for ways to keep their business at the forefront of client and customers minds for when they need your service or product next. By handing over a promotional keyring or personalised keyring with your custom branding you can increase your chances. A keyring works effectively as a cost efficient tool to be a daily reminder to customers and clients of who you are. As keys are used on a daily basis, whether in the car or to gain entry into their house, every time they reach for their keys they will acknowledge your brand, increasing your brand recognition and ensuring you’re the first point of call when they need you next.

To increase your chances of a client and customer using your promotional keyring or custom personalised keyring, add functionality to the gift. By adding your custom branding to a bottle opener keyring or flashlight keyring, you’re providing a helpful tool that will be used more often, and therefore increasing how often a client or customer will engage with your brand.

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